Jacob Moreno didn't start working on boats till he was 17 years old, but he did fish every boat he possibly could at a young age. He spent 7 seasons working on the Dreamer with Captain Allyn Watson. He also did 1 season as a guide at Waterfall Resort in Alaska after he graduated from Cal State Long Beach. The last 5 seasons Captain Jacob has been running the Ultra along side his partner, Mike Jiminez. He's been happily married since 2015. Jacob's favorite color is red, he loves Mexican candy and loves dogs. His favorite fishing is lead head and squid. 



Mike Jiminez started fishing on sportboats at 12 years old. The passion he has for fishing came from his father who showed him the ropes. He took that passion and decided to make a career of it. Captain Mike has worked on a variety of sportboats, from 1/2 day to multi day. He spent 10 years working on the Pursuit. During the off season, Mike commercial fishes for squid and lobster. His other passion in life is his wife and 2 daughters. When he's not on the water working, he enjoys being with his family and believe it or not, fishing.



Kelly Konrady has been with the Pescador since its inception. She is the friendly voice that answers the phone,  gets the charters set up for you and will always be your main point of contact. Kelly may seem familiar to many of you as she works for a few boats down at 22nd St. 



Dominic Vera has been in the fishing industry since the 90's. He started off his fishing career as pinhead on the Matt Walsh. He spent many years as a deckhand on the Mardiosa. Dom took a break from the sportfishing scene and commercial fished for a few seasons. In 2015, Dom joined the 22nd St. Landing fleet, where he was the deck boss on a private charter boat. In 2017, Dom received his U.S.C.G. issued license. 

Fun fact about Dom. He is a 4th generation fisherman. 



John Otis is known for his waffle sandwiches. He joined the fleet at 22nd St. in 2015 as a galley cook on the Ultra. Before coming to San Pedro, he worked up in Alaska at Waterfall Resort. This is where he met Jacob. John is a utility player as he can go from captain to galley cook. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his daughter.  



Chris Kiser has been fishing his whole life. His fishing career started in 2006, blue marlin fishing and commercial tuna fishing in Maui. In 2012, he ventured north to Juneau, AK to crab fish on F/V Sunrise for a few years. In 2016, Chris joined the 22nd St. Landing fleet working as a deckhand on the Ultra. During the off season on the Pescador, Chris returns to Maui to continue working.  



 Nik Padilla, or as you will probably hear him called on the boat, Flinch, has been surfing, spearfishing and fishing for over 25 years. 8 years ago he started commercial fishing on the Charmin and Canyon Runner and more recently on the Chelsea Marie. Nik has worked deck on the Monte Carlo and the Ultra. 

Galley Cook


Michelle Humphrey has been fishing her whole life. She has always had a passion for water. She was a junior lifeguard, on the swim team, fishing and running her dads boat. Fishing is in her blood. Both of her grandfathers were fisherman, one was a commercial fisherman from Croatia. She started working on sportboats when she moved down to San Diego. The first boat she ever worked on was the Vagabond as a galley assistant. Since then she has worked on the Pacific Dawn as a galley cook and has helped out on many others. She had a quick stint at commercial fishing. Michelle spends her time working as a longshoreman and cooking on the Pescador. 

Galley Cook


Brian  Rebard turned his love of fishing into a job in 2018 when he joined up with the Pescador/Ultra crew by trying a hand at filling John’s shoes in the galley. During the off season he spends the winter back up in Oregon snowboarding and working at a bakery.